Serve Your Community Week

Serve Your Community Week is our annual challenge to think outside of yourself and focus your attention on the needs of those around you!

Mark 9:35 tells us that “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.”

Join us we prioritize serving our community this week and putting others before ourselves. Here are some of our favorite service ideas:

  • Wash someone’s windshield at the gas station

  • Give away free coffees using a digital gift card on your social

  • Bring snacks for your child’s sports team & their parents

  • Bring cold water or treats to the community park on a hot day

  • Plug someone’s parking meter downtown

  • Mow your neighbour’s lawn

  • Bring your neighbours garbage/recycling bin back up to their house after collection

  • Clean up dog messes or litter around the neighbourhood

  • Buy a bundle of firewood for your camping neighbours

  • Pay for the customers behind you in line

  • Clean a busy parent’s kitchen or bathroom

  • Wash businesses windows or lend a hand with some of their tedious tasks

  • Bake & deliver treats to local business, non-profits, etc. and write appreciation notes

  • Complete a Pray & Go walk.

  • Bring someone to church!