The covid-19 pandemic has changed everyday life for all of us, City Light Church included. We have learned new ways to bring our family & God’s Word to you. Beginning March 22, we moved our Sunday service to an online format which allows us to continue sharing the life-giving word of God every week. We will post a link to our service on our Facebook page: or you can subscribe to our email list here:


At CLC, small groups are the foundation of community within our church family. Social distancing doesn’t change our need to belong, in fact many people are struggling with feelings of loneliness during this period of social distancing. Thankfully, we have access to technology that allows us to continue meeting ‘face-to-face’ from our own homes. The aim of our groups hasn’t changed, only the delivery!

We have a variety of groups that meet throughout the week. If you want to connect with God’s word and other people, we will help you find a group that ‘fits’ you, simply reach out to us by email ( ) or phone, 403-329-3011.


We know these are challenging times for many in our community. People have been laid off, schools and public spaces are closed and we are asked to stay at home. Even one of these events can be a major ‘life stressor’. Yet in all these things you are not alone. Please contact the office we’ll be happy to support you whether it be pick-up and drop-off of essential supplies, some food from our cupboards, emotional support, prayer or a craft to help keep your children occupied for a little while. We are here for you, please reach out – we care!


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